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Sound Meditation Presents Livestream Calendar

Weekly Livestreams

every Wednesday, 9pm PST

every Sunday, 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

every Sunday, 9pm PST

Special Livestreams

March 5th, 7pm PST— a debut stream with Simona Asinovski & Victoria Angel Heart. With crystal bowls, monochord, vibraphone & vocals.

March 28th— 6pm PST/9pm EST— Full Moon Journey with Guy Douglas


Lower Stress

Sound meditation reduces blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing physical pain and improving the ability for concentration and compassion.

Find Clarity

Sound meditation is more accessible than “traditional meditation” - and can help people access deep states of ease with little mental effort.

Soothe Anxiety

The most prominent, immediately noticeable effect of a sound bath is the feeling of relief from anxiety and stress.

Share Connection

It’s a shared experience for your team, one that can foster communication and connection amongst your team.

Increase Focus

Our platform offers recordings to listen to throughout the workday, clearing the mind of distractions and increasing productivity and creativity.

Sleep Better

Sound meditation has  a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax and prepare for sleep.

~stay with the practice, the benefits add up~

"Meditation and self-care is so important especially now during a time of sheltering, and this journey through Sound Meditation was everything and more." — Andy

"The experience really was better with headphones. Once I had them on, the sounds were all encompassing and it really felt like I had entered some mystical world. It was easy to get lost in the sound." — Emily

"...coming from someone with a LOT of anxiety- I recall that being entirely sucked away as the sounds became more vibrant- I basically melted into my bed & can't remember anything past 30 minutes max, because I was out like a light! Again, I woke up feeling like it was some of the best sleep! Fully rested, more energy than I usually have in the morning, and in quite a positive mood." — Angelina

I'm really loving the new platform.  Great job and the sound quality is stellar!” — Joni

"I was so relaxed. The sounds were amazing, all different, all soothing yet invigorating." — Sanaz

"Wow! I've attended sound baths before, but none like this. Never have I felt so immersed in sound. I felt like I was transported into another realm on an epic journey traversing through a biodiverse sound jungle." — Nina